Find SWIFT codes in Germany

SWIFT codes of banks in Germany

Below you find a list of the most popular banks in Germany and their respective SWIFT codes. Some banks also have local branche codes, you can find those by clicking on the name of the banks.

BankSWIFT code
Banque populaireCCBPFRPP
Banque postalePSSTFRPP
Caisse d epargnesCEPAFRPP
Credit agricoleAGRIFRPP
Credit mutuelCMBRFR2B
Hello bankBNPAFRPP
LCL (Credit Lyonnais)CRLYFRPP
Societe GeneraleSOGEFRPP

Why use a SWIFT code?

SWIFT codes are required for international financial transactions with dutch banks and institutions. Individuals and corporations can ensure smooth and secure transfers by using BIC codes. Remember to double-check the BIC code before proceeding with any international transaction, since it may change due to mergers, acquisitions, or branch relocations. With precise SWIFT code information, you may engage in global financial transactions with confidence, knowing that your cash will reach the appropriate destination quickly and safely in the Germany.

SWIFT code structure in Germany

SWIFT codes in Germany are either 8 or 11 characters long:

  • Bank code: The first four characters are the bank’s code
  • Country code: The next two characters identify the nation code (representing Germany in this case)
  • Location code: Next we see a two-character geographical code.
  • Branch code: The last three letters (or digits of the code) are branch-specific in case of a 11 character Swift code, but this code is optional.
Swift code structure explained

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