How to contact the ABN Amro customer service?

To contact ABN AMRO customer service in the Netherlands, you can use the following methods:

  1. Phone: You can call ABN AMRO’s customer service hotline at +31 10 241 17 20. This number is available 24/7.
  2. Online Chat: ABN AMRO provides an online chat service on their official website. Visit the ABN AMRO website ( and look for the “Contact” or “Help” section. You should find a chat option to connect with a customer service representative.
  3. Email: You can send an email to ABN AMRO’s customer service team. Visit the ABN AMRO website and navigate to the “Contact” or “Help” section. Look for the email address provided for customer inquiries and use that to send your message.
  4. Social Media: ABN AMRO is active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can reach out to their customer service team by sending them a direct message on these platforms.
  5. Visit a Branch: If you prefer face-to-face interaction, you can visit a local ABN AMRO branch in your area. Check the ABN AMRO website for branch locations and opening hours.

Remember to have your account details or any relevant information ready when contacting customer service to expedite the process and receive appropriate assistance.

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